Buying a Mobility Van the Right Way

At MITS of Virginia, we know the accessible options and we know what to ask to find your solution. The following are considerations that need to be taken into account to find the right fit:

  • The weight and size of the wheelchair and the person in the chair?
  • Do they transfer or stay in the chair?
  • Does the person in the chair need to recline back during the trip?
  • What type of wheelchair/scooter is it? Can it be adapted for an EZ Lock? Is it power or manual?
  • Do they want to sit up front or in the mid section?
  • Is there the possibility of driving with hand controls in the future?
  • How strong and agile is the caregiver?
  • Who else will be riding in the van, how often will they ride and how big are they?
  • How tall is the person in the chair and do they want to see out the windows?
  • Does the wheelchair occupant have uneasiness on a lift or are they uneasy about going up and down a ramp?
  • Are you in an area of a lot of potholes or speed bumps?
  • Can the wheelchair passenger walk around the vehicle (12ft.)

The answer to each of these questions puts the accessible vehicle search in the direction of a different solution.

Once a customer realizes the many variables involved in a good solution, it becomes clear that a knowledgeable and accommodating dealership is essential when buying a wheelchair van. At MITS of VA the staff are knowledgeable, and they are focused on your needs. Don’t take a chance on a solution – Come on Down to MITS of Virginia where we take care of you in the only way we know how – the right way. Call (800) 420-6470 or (540)932-7620.